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2000, former technical adviser by Mr. Li Mingliang SMC initiated founded Super Mita

In 2001, the engineering department was established to provide customers with non-standard automation engineering

In 2002, non-standard automation equipment while agents SMC pneumatic components, NAIS Matsushita Electric Industrial Products

In 2003, the United States DVT machine vision products agents

In 2004, China became Japan's first domestic agents MORITEX sales: UV ultraviolet curing device, industrial lenses, light sources, CCD cameras, etc.

2005, becoming the first Chinese agents YAMAHA industrial robots; November-speed automatic Mida Ltd. established Shanghai

2006, formally SMC, Panasonic electrician Southern Region agent distribution rights. Corporate reform: Acting products, projects, supplemented to technology promote trade. Founded in Shenzhen Machinery Factory: Shenzhen City Friends of automation equipment Limited, to provide non-standard automation equipment design and manufacturing, processing, and other governance tools.

In 2007, he won YAMAHA industrial robots market overseas "Special Progress Award", was awarded the Matsushita Electric FA products in South China "expansion Award"

In 2008, it became KAWASAKI Kawasaki 6-axis robotic system integrators

In 2009, the Japanese industrial robots EPSON agency in China, ranking first YAMAHA industrial robots 09 years overseas sales

In 2010, the company by leaps and bounds, set up a technology development center, sales quadrupled over the previous year, the company successfully held the tenth anniversary celebration

In 2011, the establishment of Changsha, Chongqing business department, agency CORETEC, Pro-face products.