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Dongguan smd-automation co., Ltd.
Address: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province Changan East Road No. 76 (A, 2nd Floor Plainvim Industrial Park)
Tel: (86)769-85097799 / 85351466
Fax: (86)769-85326537
E-mail: smd@smd-automation.com
Contact: Marketing Department


Guangzhou: Sales
Address: Liwan District of Guangzhou City, Fangcun Road East teach Garden Room 2304, Building 9
Tel: (86)20-81808197
Fax: ()20-81808197
E-mail: smdzgq@smd-automation.com
Contact: Mr. Zhou




Hong Kong and Macao market
Hong Kong: real informed (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Address: Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Room 918 Nan Fung Centre, 264-298
Tel: 00852-21100346
Fax: 00852-37434240
E-mail: smdhk@smd-automation.com 

Changsha: Changsha, Hunan Sales
Address: 269 Furong District, Changsha Lotus Garden Court Hengda Express statue road a 1 unit 1204
Tel: (86)731-88230348
Fax: (86)731-88230347
E-mail: smdpy@smd-automation.com
Contact: Mr. Peng 



Beijing: Beijing business department
Address: West Road, Fengtai District, Beijing Majiapu 30th Academy 5-2-201
Tel: (86)10-87560705
Fax: (86)10-87560705
E-mail: smddqp@smd-automation.com
Contact: Mr. Ding





Changchun-speed automatic Mida Ltd.
Address: Chaoyang District, Changchun City, Jilin Province, Yan'an Street on the 15th
Tel: (86)431-81097135
Fax: (86)431-87669022
E-mail: smdcc@smd-automation.com

Shenzhen City Friends of automation equipment Limited (Shenzhen Friends and up)
Founded in October 2006 the factory area of 1200 square meters and employs more than 50 people
Main customers for non-standard automation equipment design and manufacturing, rule processing tools, etc.
Existing CNC machining centers, turning, washing, grinding, cutting lines and other precision machining equipment

Height, two yuan and other sophisticated detection equipment, can undertake a wide range of non-standard automation

Equipment design and manufacturing and rule processing tools, and other services.
Shenzhen: Shenzhen City Friends of automation equipment Limited
Address: Bao'an District, Shenzhen Huangtian Tony Yang Industrial Zone, Guangdong Province, 6, 1st Floor
Tel: (86)755-33936178
Fax: (86)755-33936169
E-mail: yhd@smd-automation.com
Contact: Mr. Zhang


Shanghai-speed automatic Mida Ltd. (Shanghai speed Mida)
Founded in November 2005
Dongguan speed Mita, a wholly owned subsidiary of
Responsible for East China regional market expansion, an independent sound marketing team and strong technical support forces
Gradually expand the scale of business, it has become the gateway to speed Mita East China.
Shanghai: Shanghai-speed automatic Mida Ltd.
Address: Shanghai Baoshan Mayor on the 15th Yi Road Building Room 710 A
Tel: (86)21-58792232 58792238
Fax (86)21-36506916
E-mail: smdsh@smd-automation.com
Contact: Mr. Chang


Southwest Sales
Address: Chengdu Jinniu Wanda Plaza A group 1 1 unit 1002 room
Tel: (86)28-87661382
Fax: (86)28-87661382
E-mail: smdlsz@smd-automation.com
Contact: Liu Shu banner 13076010077